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 all nokia model list here...............

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PostSubject: all nokia model list here...............   Sun Dec 09, 2007 8:48 pm

here is all nokia model list..........

Nokia model type list overview
model: type:
Nokia 100 THX-9(L)
Nokia 1011 NHE-2
Nokia 11 TFF-3
Nokia 1100 RH-18
Nokia 1100 RH-38
Nokia 1100b RH-36
Nokia 1100b RH-36(x)
Nokia 1101 RH-75
Nokia 1108 RH-38
Nokia 1110 RH-70
Nokia 1110b RH-69
Nokia 1110i RH-93
Nokia 1112 RH-93
Nokia 1112b RH-92
Nokia 1112b RH-95
Nokia 1112i RH-94
Nokia 12 GSM Modul RX-2
Nokia 12A GSM Modul RX-9
Nokia 1200 RH-100
Nokia 1208 RH-105
Nokia 1208b RH-106
Nokia 121 THX-7(AT)
Nokia 1220 NKC-1
Nokia 1220 Phase 2 NKC-1(X)
Nokia 1255 RH-79
Nokia 1260 NKW-1
Nokia 1260 Phase 2 NKW-1(X)
Nokia 1261 NKW-1(C)
Nokia 1265 RH-103
Nokia 12i GSM Modul RX-2
Nokia 1315 RH-96
Nokia 1325 RH-104
Nokia 150 THF-2(P)
Nokia 1600 RH-64
Nokia 1600b RH-65
Nokia 1610 NHE-5(NX)
Nokia 1611 NHE-5(SX)
Nokia 1620 NHK-5(NX)
Nokia 1620 NHK-5(NY)
Nokia 1630 NHK-5(NA)
Nokia 1630 NHK-5(NX)
Nokia 1631 NHE-5(SA)
Nokia 1650 RM-305
Nokia 1650b RM-306
Nokia 20 Terminal TME-2
Nokia 2010 NHE-3(DN)
Nokia 2040 NHK-3
Nokia 2100 NAM-2
Nokia 2110 NHE-1(NX)
Nokia 2110i NHE-4(NX)
Nokia 2112 RH-57
Nokia 2114 NHE-4(NC)
Nokia 2115i RH-66
Nokia 2116i RH-66
Nokia 2118 NHE-4(NY)
Nokia 2118 RH-77
Nokia 2120 NHC-1(X)
Nokia 2120 Plus NHC-4(NX)
Nokia 2125i RH-71
Nokia 2126i RH-71
Nokia 2128i RH-71
Nokia 2140 NHK-1(XA)
Nokia 2148 NHK-1
Nokia 2148i NHE-4
Nokia 2148i NHE-4(AX)
Nokia 2160 NHC-4(NE)
Nokia 2160i NHC-4(HE)
Nokia 2170 NHP-4
Nokia 2180 NHD-4(X)
Nokia 2190 NHB-2(NB)
Nokia 22 Terminal TME-1
Nokia 2220 RH-40
Nokia 2220 RH-42
Nokia 2255 RM-97
Nokia 2260 RH-39
Nokia 2260 RH-41
Nokia 2270 RH-3(P)
Nokia 2272 RH-3(P)
Nokia 2275 RH-3(DNG)
Nokia 2280 RH-17
Nokia 2280 no R-UIM RH-17(NA)
Nokia 2280 with R-UIM RH-17(R)
Nokia 2285 RH-3
Nokia 2300 RM-4
Nokia 2300b RM-5
Nokia 2310 RM-189
Nokia 232 THX-41
Nokia 232NA THX-41(S)
Nokia 2355 RM-121
Nokia 2362 RM-155
Nokia 2365i RM-155
Nokia 2366i RM-155
Nokia 2367i RM-155
Nokia 250 THF-51(P)
Nokia 2505 RH-307
Nokia 252N NHA-3SA
Nokia 2600 RH-59
Nokia 2600a RH-60
Nokia 2610 RH-86
Nokia 2610b RH-87
Nokia 2626 RM-291
Nokia 2630 Americas RM-299
Nokia 2630 Europe/Asia RM-298
Nokia 2650 RH-53
Nokia 2651 RH-54
Nokia 2652 RH-53
Nokia 2660 RM-293
Nokia 2660 Americas RM-293
Nokia 2660 Europe/Asia RM-292
Nokia 2760 Americas RM-259
Nokia 2760 Europe/Asia RM-258
Nokia 2855 RM-124
Nokia 2855i RM-124
Nokia 2865 RM-193
Nokia 2865i RM-193
Nokia 30 Terminal TME-3
Nokia 31 Terminal TME-4
Nokia 3100 RH-19
Nokia 3105 RH-46
Nokia 3108 RH-6
Nokia 3109c Classic RM-274
Nokia 3109cb Classic RM-275
Nokia 3110 NHE-8
Nokia 3110 Plus NHE-8(BX)
Nokia 3110c Classic RM-237
Nokia 3120 RH-19
Nokia 3120b RH-50
Nokia 3125 RH-61
Nokia 3128 RH-72
Nokia 3129 RH-72
Nokia 3152 RM-61
Nokia 3155 RM-41
Nokia 3155i RM-41
Nokia 32 Terminal DTX-3
Nokia 3200 RH-30
Nokia 3205 RM-11
Nokia 3205i RM-11
Nokia 3210 NSE-8
Nokia 3210a NSE-9
Nokia 3220 RH-37
Nokia 3220b RH-49
Nokia 3230 RM-51
Nokia 3250 RM-38
Nokia 3280 NSD-1(GW)
Nokia 3285 NSD-1A
Nokia 33 Terminal ?
Nokia 3300 NEM-1
Nokia 3300a NEM-2
Nokia 3310 NHM-5(NX)
Nokia 3315 NHM-5(NY)
Nokia 3320 NPC-1
Nokia 3321 NPC-1(BG)
Nokia 3330 NHM-6(NX)
Nokia 3350 NHM-9(NX)
Nokia 3360 NPC-1
Nokia 3361 NPW-1(PA)
Nokia 3390 NPB-1(NB)
Nokia 3390b NPB-1(RB)
Nokia 3391 NPB-1(NB)
Nokia 3395 NPB-1(BB)
Nokia 3410 NHM-2
Nokia 350 THF-6(P)
Nokia 3500c Classic RM-272
Nokia 3500cb Classic RM-273
Nokia 3510 NHM-8(NX)
Nokia 3510i RH-9
Nokia 3520 RH-21
Nokia 3530 RH-8
Nokia 3555 RM-270
Nokia 3555c Classic RM-257
Nokia 3555cb Classic RM-257
Nokia 3560 RH-14
Nokia 3570 NPD-1(FW)
Nokia 3585 NPD-1(AW)
Nokia 3586 RH-44
Nokia 3586i RH-44
Nokia 3587 RH-44
Nokia 3587i RH-44
Nokia 3588i RH-44
Nokia 3589i RH-44
Nokia 3590 RPM-8
Nokia 3595 NPM-10
Nokia 3595 NPM-10(X)
Nokia 3595i NPD-4(AW)
Nokia 3600 NHM-10
Nokia 3610 NAM-1
Nokia 3620 NHM-10(X)
Nokia 3650 NHL-8
Nokia 3660 NHL-8X
Nokia 3810 NHE-9
Nokia 440 THF-8(P)
Nokia 450 THF-9(P)
Nokia 505 NHX-8
Nokia 5070 RM-166
Nokia 5070b RM-167
Nokia 5100 NPM-6
Nokia 5100 NPM-6(X)
Nokia 5110 NSE-1(NX)
Nokia 5110i NSE-1(NY)
Nokia 5110i APAC NSE-2(NY)
Nokia 5120 NSC-1
Nokia 5125 NSC-1
Nokia 5130 NSK-1(NX)
Nokia 5140 NPL-5
Nokia 5140b NPL-4
Nokia 5140i RM-104
Nokia 5160 NSW-1
Nokia 5170 NSD-1(F)
Nokia 5170i NSD-1(FW)
Nokia 5180 NSD-1(G)
Nokia 5180i NSD-1(GW)
Nokia 5185 NSD-1(A)
Nokia 5185i NSD-1(AW)
Nokia 5190 NSB-1
Nokia 5200 RM-174
Nokia 5200b RM-181
Nokia 5210 NSM-5
Nokia 5300 XpressMusic RM-146
Nokia 5300b XpressMusic RM-147
Nokia 5310 XpressMusic RM-303
Nokia 5310b XpressMusic RM-304
Nokia 540 THF-11(P)
Nokia 550 THF-10(P)
Nokia 5500 RM-87
Nokia 5500d Sport RM-86
Nokia 5510 NPM-5
Nokia 5610d-1 XpressMusic RM-242
Nokia 5700 XpressMusic RM-230
Nokia 5700b XpressMusic EM-302
Nokia 5710 RM-187
Nokia 5710b RM-321
Nokia 6010 NPM-10
Nokia 6010 NPM-10(X)
Nokia 6011 RTE-2(RH)
Nokia 6011i RH-58
Nokia 6012 RM-20
Nokia 6015 RH-55
Nokia 6015i RH-55
Nokia 6016i RH-55
Nokia 6019i RH-55
Nokia 6020 RM-30
Nokia 6020b RM-31
Nokia 6021 RM-94
Nokia 6030 RM-229
Nokia 6030 RM-74
Nokia 6030b RM-225
Nokia 6030b RM-75
Nokia 6050 NME-1
Nokia 6060 RH-73
Nokia 6060v RM-97
Nokia 6061 RH-74
Nokia 6066 RM-211
Nokia 6070 RM-166
Nokia 6070b RM-167
Nokia 6080 NME-2(X)
Nokia 6080 RM-166
Nokia 6080b RM-167
Nokia 6081 NME-2(A)
Nokia 6081 NME-2(E)
Nokia 6085 RM-198
Nokia 6085h RM-198(H)
Nokia 6086 RM-260
Nokia 6088 RM-218
Nokia 609 NHX-2(ND)
Nokia 6090 NME-3
Nokia 6091 RTE-3(RU)
Nokia 610 Car Kit TFE-4
Nokia 6100 NPL-2
Nokia 6101 RM-76
Nokia 6101b RM-77
Nokia 6101h RM-77(H)
Nokia 6102 RM-76
Nokia 6102b RM-77
Nokia 6102h RM-77(XH)
Nokia 6102i RM-162(X)
Nokia 6103 RM-161
Nokia 6103b RM-162
Nokia 6108 RH-4
Nokia 6110 NSE-3(NX)
Nokia 6110n-1 Navigator RM-122
Nokia 6110n-5 Navigator RM-186
Nokia 6111 RM-82
Nokia 6112 RM-82
Nokia 6120 NSC-3
Nokia 6120c-1 Classic RM-243
Nokia 6120c-5 Classic RM-310
Nokia 6120i NSC-3
Nokia 6121c Classic RM-308
Nokia 6125 RM-178
Nokia 6126 RM-126
Nokia 6126h RM-126(H)
Nokia 6130 NSK-3(NY)
Nokia 6131 RM-115
Nokia 6131 NFC RM-216V
Nokia 6133 RM-115
Nokia 6133 RM-173
Nokia 6133b RM-126
Nokia 6133h RM-126(H)
Nokia 6135 RM-98
Nokia 6136 RM-106
Nokia 6136b RM-199
Nokia 6138 NSK-3
Nokia 6150 NSM-1(NY)
Nokia 6151 RM-200
Nokia 6152 RM-96
Nokia 6155 RM-59
Nokia 6155i RM-59
Nokia 6156i RM-59
Nokia 616 Car Kit RV-1
Nokia 6160 NSW-1(NY)
Nokia 6161 NSW-3(ND)
Nokia 6162 NSW-3(AF)
Nokia 6165 RM-125
Nokia 6165i RM-125
Nokia 6170 RM-47
Nokia 6170b RM-48
Nokia 6180 NSD-3(GW)
Nokia 6185 NSD-3
Nokia 6185i NSD-3(AW)
Nokia 6188 NSD-3(AX)
Nokia 6190 NSB-3
Nokia 6200 NPL-3
Nokia 6210 NPE-3
Nokia 6215i RM-214
Nokia 6220 RH-20
Nokia 6225 RH-27
Nokia 6225i RH-27
Nokia 6230 RH-12
Nokia 6230b RH-28
Nokia 6230i RM-72
Nokia 6233 RM-123
Nokia 6234 RM-123
Nokia 6235 RM-60
Nokia 6235i RM-60
Nokia 6236i RM-60
Nokia 6250 NHM-3
Nokia 6255 RM-19
Nokia 6255i RM-19
Nokia 6256 RM-19
Nokia 6256i RM-19
Nokia 6260 RM-25
Nokia 6260b RM-29
Nokia 6263 RM-207
Nokia 6265 RM-66
Nokia 6265i RM-66
Nokia 6267 RM-210
Nokia 6268 RM-66
Nokia 6270 RM-56
Nokia 6275 RM-154
Nokia 6280 RM-78
Nokia 6282 RM-79
Nokia 6288 RM-268
Nokia 6288 RM-78
Nokia 6290 RM-176
Nokia 6300 RM-217
Nokia 6300b RM-222
Nokia 6310 NPE-4
Nokia 6310i NPL-1
Nokia 6315i RM-215
Nokia 6340 NPM-2
Nokia 6340i RH-13
Nokia 6360 NPW-2
Nokia 6370 NPH-2(FX)
Nokia 6385 NPH-2(AX)
Nokia 640 THF-13
Nokia 650 THF-12
Nokia 6500 NHM-7
Nokia 6500c Classic RM-265
Nokia 6500c-5 Classic RM-397
Nokia 6500s Slide RM-240
Nokia 6500s-5 Slide RM-278
Nokia 6510 NPM-5/9
Nokia 6555 RM-271
Nokia 6555c Classic RM-276
Nokia 6556c Classic RM-276
Nokia 6560 RH-25
Nokia 6585 RH-34
Nokia 6590 NSM-9
Nokia 6590i NSM-9
Nokia 6600 NHL-10
Nokia 6610 NHL-4(U)
Nokia 6610i RM-37
Nokia 6620 NHL-12
Nokia 6630 RM-1
Nokia 6631 (NM850iG) RM-109
Nokia 6638 RM-18
Nokia 6650 NHM-1
Nokia 6651 NMM-1
Nokia 6670 RH-67
Nokia 6670b RH-68
Nokia 6680 RM-36
Nokia 6681 RM-57
Nokia 6682 RM-58
Nokia 6708 RM-139
Nokia 6800 NHL-6
Nokia 6800a NSB-9
Nokia 6810 NHL-?
Nokia 6820 NHL-9
Nokia 6820b RH-26
Nokia 6820i RH-26
Nokia 6822a RM-69
Nokia 6822b RM-68
Nokia 7088 RM-219
Nokia 7110 NSE-5(NX)
Nokia 7160 NSW-5
Nokia 7190 NSB-5
Nokia 720 HSN-5(KP)
Nokia 720 TMF-4(SP)
Nokia 7200 RH-23
Nokia 7210 NHL-4
Nokia 7250 NHL-4J
Nokia 7250i NHL-4JX
Nokia 7260 RM-17
Nokia 7270 RM-8
Nokia 7270b RM-9
Nokia 7280 RM-14
Nokia 7280b RM-34
Nokia 7360 RM-127
Nokia 7370 RM-70
Nokia 7373 RM-209
Nokia 7380 RM-111
Nokia 7390 RM-140
Nokia 7500 Prism RM-249
Nokia 7500b Prism RM-250
Nokia 7600 NMM-3
Nokia 7610 RM-51
Nokia 7610b RH-52
Nokia 7620 ?
Nokia 7650 NHL-2(NA)
Nokia 770 Internet Tablet SU-18
Nokia 7700 RAL-2
Nokia 7710 RM-12
Nokia 7900d-1 Prism RM-264
Nokia 810 Car Kit TFE-4(R)
Nokia 8110 NHE-6(BX)
Nokia 8110i NHE-6(BM)
Nokia 8146 NHK-6(NX)
Nokia 8148 NHK-6
Nokia 8148 (nk502) NHK-6
Nokia 8148i NHK-6(V)
Nokia 8210 NSM-3
Nokia 8250 NSM-3D
Nokia 8260 NSW-4
Nokia 8260 NSW-4(DX)
Nokia 8265 NPW-3
Nokia 8265i NPW-3(W)
Nokia 8270 NSD-5(FX)
Nokia 8280 RH-10
Nokia 8280i RH-10
Nokia 8290 NSB-7
Nokia 8310 NHM-7
Nokia 8390 NSB-8
Nokia 8587 ?
Nokia 8600d Luna RM-164
Nokia 8800 RM-13
Nokia 8800d Sirocco Edition RM-165
Nokia 8800e-1 Arte RM-233
Nokia 8801 RM-33
Nokia 8810 NSE-6(NX)
Nokia 8850 NSM-2(NX)
Nokia 8855 NSM-4
Nokia 8860 NSW-6
Nokia 8877 ?
Nokia 8890 NSB-6(NY)
Nokia 8910 NHM-4
Nokia 8910i NHM-4(NX)
Nokia 9000 RAE-1(N)
Nokia 9000il RAB-4(NX)
Nokia 9000i RAE-4
Nokia 909 NHX-2(ND)
Nokia 9110 RAE-2
Nokia 9110i RAE-2i
Nokia 918 NHA-5(NA)
Nokia 918P NHA-5(NA)
Nokia 9210 Communicator RAE-3(N)
Nokia 9210c Communicator RAE-3(N)
Nokia 9210i Communicator RAE-5(N)
Nokia 9290 Communicator RAB-3(N)
Nokia 9300 RAE-6
Nokia 9300b RA-4
Nokia 9300i RA-8
Nokia 9500 Communicator RA-2
Nokia 9500b Communicator RA-3
Nokia C110 WLAN Card DTN-10
Nokia C111 WLAN Card DTN-11
Nokia CardPhone 1.0 RPE-1
Nokia CardPhone 2.0 PM-1
Nokia Cityman CD60HP
Nokia D211 DTE-1
Nokia Digital Pen SU-1(B)
Nokia E50-1 RM-170
Nokia E50-2 RM-171
Nokia E51-1 RM-244
Nokia E60-1 RM-49
Nokia E61-1 RM-89
Nokia E61i-1 RM-227
Nokia E61i-2 RM-294
Nokia E62-1 RM-88
Nokia E62-1 RM-88A
Nokia E65-1 RM-208
Nokia E70-1 RM-10
Nokia E70-2 RM-24
Nokia E90-1 Communicator RA-6
Nokia E90-? Communicator RA-7
Nokia Image Frame SU-4
Nokia Image Frame SU-7
Nokia Image Viewer SU-2
Nokia Image Viewer SU-5
Nokia Kaleidoscop 1 RX-11
Nokia Medaillon 2 RX-4
Nokia Medallion 1 RX-3
Nokia Music Player HDR-1
Nokia N-Gage NEM-4
Nokia N-Gage QD RH-29
Nokia N-Gage QD RH-47
Nokia N70-1 RM-84
Nokia N70-5 RM-99
Nokia N71-1 RM-67
Nokia N71-5 RM-112
Nokia N72-5 RM-180
Nokia N73-1 RM-133
Nokia N73-5 RM-132
Nokia N75-3 RM-128
Nokia N76-1 RM-135
Nokia N77-1 RM-194
Nokia N80-1 RM-92
Nokia N80-3 RM-91
Nokia N800 RX-34
Nokia N81-1 RM-179
Nokia N81-3 RM-223
Nokia N81-5 RM-256
Nokia N82-1 RM-313
Nokia N82-5 RM-314
Nokia N90-1 RM-42
Nokia N91-1 RM-43
Nokia N91-2 RM-43
Nokia N91-5 RM-158
Nokia N91-6 RM-158
Nokia N92-1 RM-100
Nokia N92-2 RM-101
Nokia N93-1 RM-55
Nokia N93-5 RM-153
Nokia N93i-1 RM-156
Nokia N93i-5 RM-157
Nokia N95-1 RM-159
Nokia N95-2 8GB RM-320
Nokia N95-3 NAM RM-160
Nokia N95-5 RM-245
Nokia nk502 NHK-6(RY)
Nokia NM705i (DoCoMo) RM-309
Nokia Observation Cam PT-2
Nokia Remote Camera PT-6
Nokia RinGo NHX-2(NE)
Nokia RinGo 2 NHX-4
Nokia RinGo 3 NHX-7(T)
Nokia Talkman TMF-3(FP)
Nokia Talkman ? HSN-2(D)
Nokia Talkman ? HSN-4
Nokia Talkman 620 TMF-1(P)
Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8(W)
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PostSubject: Re: all nokia model list here...............   Wed Apr 30, 2008 10:49 pm

thanks brother keep updating these
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all nokia model list here...............
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