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  How to Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G?

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PostSubject: How to Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G?   Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:32 pm

Unlocking the Motorola ATRIX requires an unlock code but only takes a minute. Once unlocked, the Motorola ATRIX will be able to work on any GSM cell phone carrier such as AT&T and T-Mobile. As long as you have a ATRIX that runs off a SIM card you should be able to use these steps to unlock your device. Most GSM or SIM based cell phones come with a SIM lock which prevents them form working with unaccepted carriers. The unlock code should remove the SIM lock on your Motorola ATRIX.

In order to get a Motorola ATRIX unlock code, I would first contact your phone carrier’s support line and request one. Sometimes they will give you one for free and in exchange will need your Motorola ATRIX’s IMEI number. You can get this number simply by entering *#06# on your phone’s keypad and then pressing enter. If you cannot attain a free Motorola unlocking code, then we recommend UnlockGenie.com to the genuine unlock code for your Motorola Atrix 4G.

You should now be able to use your unlock code and the steps below to fully unlock your Motorola ATRIX to other carriers.

How To Unlock Motorola ATRIX

1. Reboot your Motorola mobile phone with an unaccepted SIM card in.
*If the display reads “Enter Special Code”, enter the unlock code and press “OK”
*If the display does not read “Enter Special code”:
2. Press and hold the asterisk (*) key until an entry box is displayed.
3. Type *, #, 3, 2, # and press “OK”
4. Enter your Motorola unlock code and press “OK.”
5. Your Motorola mobile should now display either “Completed” or

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PostSubject: Re: How to Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G?   Wed Jul 11, 2012 5:48 pm

I unlocked my Motorola Atrix using unlock code. I got the unlock code for my phone from www.Unlocking4u.com at affordable cost with easy step by step unlocking guide.
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How to Unlock Motorola Atrix 4G?
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