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 [COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor

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[COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor Empty
PostSubject: [COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor   [COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor EmptySat Jul 04, 2009 9:23 am

Why is UnlockBase.com the best Unlocking Server ?

1 - 100% Web Based server :

No need to download & install a software, all is 100% web based,
using any Browser (ie : Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, etc...) and
any Operating System (Windows, MAC, Linux) you can access your account
worldwide !

2 - Fully Customizable for Resellers & Franchises :

With UnlockBase, you can easily customize all emails & sms sent
with your own company details (under the "Settings" tab) and also split
your credit into sub-account (under the "My Customers" tab). Your
sub-accounts will not be able to buy credit to us, instead they will
see your contact informations to buy credits from you !

3 - The Biggest Remote Unlock Marketplace :

For now we're able to offer :

- 15 x Different Network Code Suppliers (by IMEI)
- 10 x Different Factory Code Suppliers (by IMEI)
- 22 x Different Cable Servers Suppliers (by Cable)
- 04 x Different File Servers Suppliers (.ask <> .rpl, .dvl <> .map)
- 01 x Ultimate Symbian SpyPhone Application (.sis)

4 - The Most Clear & Stable Selling System :

1 = 1 Credit - no minimum
order quantity, your credits expire after 90 days; why ? Just because
we're not a bank and we don't try to push our customers to buy more
credits to get a better price, you can just order what you need for the
day/month/week and GET THE BETTER PRICE, and if you're happy with our
service, you can just reload your account whenever you want !

WARNING : many concurrent servers will ask you for 100+ minimum order
quantity; what will you do if their service stops ? Sending money is
always easy, but recovering it is almost always a pain !

5 - Fully Comprehensive History of your requests :

With UnlockBase, you get access to a full history of each of your
requests for codes/logs you asked us, in real time; there are two kinds
of histories :

Waiting : here you can see a complete history of "pending"
requests with their "order date". For the "Cable Servers" you can
cancel at any time the request if you find the delay too long (this is
not possible for IMEI Unlock)

Archive : here you can see a complete history of "received"
codes/logs : if the code came back as "Unavailable", you can re-try it
just by clicking a button. If you receive a code with an error (humans
can make errors, sometimes [COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor Smile
), you can just click the "Verify" button, and our supplier will take
care to double check it ! For "Cable Servers" requests, you will
receive the username & password to use it, and for a better
management you can simply "tick" a box to confirm you did use this LOG !

6 - A trustable company who backups your Credit :

The Founder of UnlockBase is also the founder of the very famous GSM
Factory, SOFT4GSM, Unlock.ws, Mobile-Centers, Mobile-Base,
Unlock-Network, Vodafone-Unlock, Discount-Unlock websites, and runs
business since 1998. Our company is based in the United States and not
in a risky country [COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor Smile

[COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor 728x90



Email: unlock_via_imei@live.com

Msn: nestorfloresb@hotmail.es

ICQ: 587167421




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[COMPARISON] UnlockBase VS Competitor
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