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 Ultimate Unlockers - UPDATES & NEWS - Latest version:

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PostSubject: Ultimate Unlockers - UPDATES & NEWS - Latest version:   Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:59 pm

Hello all!

We have just released a new version of our most wanted products - Ultimate Unlockers 2.00. Version v2.00 offers full direct unlock and relock of all existing A2, DB2020 and DB2012 Sony Ericsson mobile s but also all existing PDA DB2000/DB2001 s.

Short unlock time - typically 2 unlocks per minute
Instant unlock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
No modem drivers installation required anymore


New revolutionary security bypass technique
Non-TP full security zone repair
Non-TP full EROM/SEMCBOOT repair
Unlocking via codes of all existing A2, DB2020 & DB2012 and PDA DB2000/DB2001 s even for the latest CIDs
Ultimate Unlocker is the only software that can recalculate damaged STATIC_CRC in A2 s

Addidtional features:

CID change (downgrade/upgrade)
supports USB DCU-60 and original Fighter/UC10/UC20 boxes + many their clones

Download the D-Ultimate Unlocker or Cruiser Suite SE Ultimate Unlocker from our Download section or these rapidshare links:

CruiserSuite SE Ultimate Unlocker 2.00 Rapidshare link (for Cruiser 07 dongle)
D-Ultimate Unlocker 2.00 Rapidshare link (for users with D-Unlocker account)


PDA DB2000/DB2001 Full Unlock / Complete SecZone repair support added
Consumption of Supreme credits for full unlock of SE PDA DB2001 is the same as for A2 s. PDA DB2000 consumption is 1/2 of A2 consumption.
GUI update - list sorted, settings preserved after restart
DB3150 loaders updated

fixed W880 EROM
recovery for DB3150 unknown color
fixed a subset of GDFS startup failures (DB2020)
other minor updates

recovery from failed certificate write (DB2020)
added support for DB2020 flash CID 80

Temporary workaround for occasional DB3150 unlock issue
Minor GUI fixes

Initial release
Supported platforms: DB2012, DB2020, DB3150
Features: Unlock, Lock to network, Show codes, CID change, EROM repair
Supports Serial and USB interfaces

According to many our customers' requests, we have also decided to rename Ultimate Unlockers applications as follows:

D-Ultimate Unlocker = is ultimate unlocker application which doesn't require Cruiser+ (-07) smartcard (or dongle). No card is needed. Just supreme credits account and 1 cable.
CruiserSuite SE Ultimate Unlocker = this ultimate unlocker requires Cruiser Suite smartcard and allows the owner to have much better consumption of Supreme credits required for performing the Full Unlocks or repairs than non-card D-Ultimate Unlocker.

For more info about our Ultimate Unlockers or other products and prices, please visit our official site


Just to be sure...

D-Ultimate Unlocker
- is succesor of the D-Unlocker, it uses D-Unlocker account (username & password)

CruiserSuite SE Ultimate Unlocker
- is successor of the SE Full Unlocker, it require Cruiser Plus -07 dongle and SE Full Unlocker supreme logs (dongle & password)
- if you have or you will buy Cruiser Supreme logs account with at least 1 supreme log - you'll have free unlock until 7.10.2008

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super Admin

Male Number of posts : 800
Age : 35
Location : india (now in ksa)
Registration date : 2007-12-06

PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Unlockers - UPDATES & NEWS - Latest version:   Fri Nov 28, 2008 10:01 pm


new version of Ultimate Unlockers v3.06 beta has been released at our official ....
. Here are release notes:

Version 3.06 (Beta) [081126]
Unique feature: Phone file-system explorer via FTP (for A2 platforms)

Simply select the "Explore FS" option and proceed. The program starts an FTP server at localhost
and halts (until pressing the Ready button). Meantime, just use your favorite FTP client and connect with these parameters:
server: localhost (or
port: 21 (it's the default FTP server port, you do not need to enter it anywhere)
username: www.cruisersuite.com
password is the same as you use on Cruiser supreme server (the one you filled in the application settings)

Enjoy exploring the 's file-system, and press Ready when finished.

Note: We recommend to use a FTP client with UTF-8 filename encoding support (FileZilla, SmartFTP, ...)
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Ultimate Unlockers - UPDATES & NEWS - Latest version:
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