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 ..::Features from NoooX Box::..

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M.Waheed Arif

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PostSubject: ..::Features from NoooX Box::..   Thu Aug 28, 2008 2:25 pm

Features from NoooX Box!
There's no logs or credits needed for Noooxbox. The Telcel Mexico (Profilbit) Phones are supported for free without the need of any additional devices. The NoooxBox also comes with special functions such as find unlock trigger, Profilbittrigger and Countertrigger; which means we can update SW in minutes when get unsupported Firmware from supported simlockserver.

* NEW NEW NEW First in the world - Counterbypass by AD0
Autodedect TestPoint
* long TP cables
* Old BB5 without TP (6630, 6680, N70, N90)
* No Logs
* No Credits
* Very easy PC software
* Telcel Mexico(Profilbit) Phones supported FREE! Without any additional devices
* 3/3 10/10 counter unlocking possible without RPL (counter bypass)
* Special functions, Find UnlockTrigger, Find ProfilbitTrigger and Find CounterTrigger this mean we can update SW in minutes when get unsupported Firmware from supported simlockserver
* Support find Trigger Mode to Unlock - You can use Trigger searching if /version is not supported in Direct SP Unlock (via TP).
* Autobackup/restore PM (308) - Software will automatically backup your PM 308 before unlocking and automatically restore if FBUS count is 10/10.
* Manual Backup/Restore PM (308) - support manual backup/restore for user option.
* Only seconds to unlock s
* Free updates
* USB 2.0
* Send known Unlockcode to via cable
* Short circuit safe power (does not destroy cable if you make short circuit)
* No external Power suply needed (overvoltage= destroying)
* Free sockets inside if hardware update is needed for new simlockserver s (5310, N95GB,...)
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super Admin

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PostSubject: Re: ..::Features from NoooX Box::..   Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:41 pm

thanks for nice info
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..::Features from NoooX Box::..
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