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 how can remove bag ic

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how can remove bag ic Empty
PostSubject: how can remove bag ic   how can remove bag ic EmptyMon Jul 07, 2008 5:51 am

how can remove bag ic


how can remove bag ic Imgesbgaicadhesiveremovbr0

Application : BGA IC Glue Removing Liguid softens and removes

quickly BGA IC sealing glue of mobile how can remove bag ic Emoticon-0161-phones.

Storage : Avoid light, open fire, high heat and clashing.

1- Use a tweezers to pick carefully a piece of square absorbent

cotton with bigger size then BGA IC and dip it with the Glue

Removing Liguid, then cover it evently to the BGA IC chip in need

of glue removing .

2- Use a small plastic bag to cover the whole mobile how can remove bag ic Emoticon-0161-phone main-

board, seal it and put it horizontally for 30 minutes , if the

application time is longer, the softening effect is better.

3- Under magnifying glass lamp, use a tweezers to remove the

softened sealing glue in the out side of BGA IC ship , when r

emoving please pay please pay attention to avoid damaging

circuits surrounding BGA.

4- Install BGA specified nozzle to thermostatic soldering remover .

the temperature will be a adjusted to 280c-320c .The nozzle is

4-6 mm from BGA IC, heating BGA IC slowly after the soldering tim

is melted , use a vacuum absord pen to lift BGA IC carefully and

clear it .(also you can use a tweezer)

5- If there is remained sealing glue in the cleared BGA IC , put it

into the glue Removing liquid bottle to dip for 20 minutes so as

to enable complete softering of the sealing glue . Clear it with a

brush , then use one anti-static electricity supersonic cleaner for

cleaning .

6- Finally, use specified board - cleaning water to clean the glue

Removing liguid remained on the main - board .

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how can remove bag ic
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