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 98 to xp transformation(look)

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98 to xp transformation(look) Empty
PostSubject: 98 to xp transformation(look)   98 to xp transformation(look) EmptySat Jul 05, 2008 4:22 am

98 to xp transformation(look)

XP looks beautiful but it requires a bit too high PC specs for old-age
computers with Windows 9x/2000 operating system. eXPerience Pack will
give you new Windows XP icons, sounds, boot screen, web view design and
more than 20 schemes for you! If you want to have Windows with XP
style, Try this.

98 to xp transformation(look) Expack


Version 2.5

-Fix incomplete registry problems (no problems anymore about this version.)

-Backup logo files and restore after uninstall.

-Fix more icons compatible on Windows 2000.

-Complete ReBack function for all OS (Except some file association icons may lost.)

Version 2.1

-Fix icons problems (lost icons, icon space) This can fix problems in previous version.

-Fix program path (rebuild icon program on wizard)

-Add set scheme eXPerience Blue option for low resources PC

Version 2.0

-Fix some icons

-Add more schemes (x2 26 schemes!)

-Fixed startup logo (Fixed first logo)

Be eXPerience Wizard (switch icons, sounds, logo and Windows interface
like eXPerience also has Reback to default interface)

-Add uninstall support

Version 1.5

-Complete icons fix without restart

-Add program Rebuild Icon Cache to fix icons

-New startup logo (White XP)

-Add icons toggle shortcut arrow (show/hide)

Version 1.1

-Remove uninstall options (Iíll add full remover next time)

-Add guide how to activate icons to XP

-Remove Activate Icons program (failed on some machines)

-Add shortcut to start appearance settings to change scheme (someone donít know what it is)

-Fix installer smaller size

Version 1.0

-Change icons to Windows XP style (some icons may not work)

-Add 13 Schemes base on XP style

-Change sound clips to Windows XP

-Change Startup and Shutdown logo to XP style


Product name: eXPerience Pack

Product version: 2.5

File name: xpack.zip

File size: 673 kb

Include uninstaller: True

License: Freeware

Operating System: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003

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98 to xp transformation(look)
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